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Atlanta Sleep Dentistry

Anyone* -no matter what their situation- can have the dental care they want and need. David Kurtzman, DDS specializes in sleep/sedation dentistry and provides full service dental care including general dentistry, implants, restorative dentistry, oral and periodontal surgery, and cosmetic dentistry for patients with special needs.

Through the use of general anesthesia (fully asleep) in the safety of the Hospital Operating Room, Dr. Kurtzman provides personalized, painless dental treatment for the following types of special needs patients:
• Patients with mild to severe dental anxiety, panic disorder and dental phobias
• Patients with mild to severe gag reflexes
• Patients with developmental disabilities
• Patients unable to achieve local anesthesia (get numb)
• Patients with allergic and/or dangerous reactions to local anesthetics [Lidocaine,etc]
• Patients with medical conditions that make it dangerous or impossible to be treated in the dental office
• Patients who wish to have a large volume of dental treatment completed in one session

Dental Care Under General Anesthesia

Dr. Kurtzman practices Atlanta sleep dentistry and treats patients in his office as well as in a hospital setting. Procedures requiring intravenous sedation or general anesthesia are performed in operating rooms especially equipped for dentistry at Wellstar Windy Hill and Kennestone Hospitals in Marietta. In the hospital setting, Dr. Kurtzman is assisted by a trained anesthesiologist as well as surgical nurses. 

Dr. Kurtzman has been practicing dentistry in Georgia and providing dental care in the safety of the hospital operating room for over thirty (30) years. He has worked hard to create a practice that provides a safe and soothing environment for patients who need special care / sleep dental treatment.

Dr. Kurtzman accepts referrals from other dentists who may not have the time or practice structure to effectively and efficiently treat special care patients.

Georgia Sedation Dentist

If you are looking for the Georgia sleep/sedation dentist you can trust to provide excellent treatment for yourself, a family member or for a special patient in your practice, please call or email our Georgia Sedation Dentist to schedule your consultation appointment. Dr. Kurtzman and his team look forward to hearing from you.


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